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If You Want To share an unforgettable moment with a young, intelligent, GORGEOUS woman, escape the monotony of your daily life, And Have All But Given Up...


STOP RIGHT HERE. Your hours of surfing through dozens of companion ads that all look the same, are over.

Your need for discrete fun will be fulfilled NOW.

Get ready to meet a girl that looks exactly like her pictures.


much more than a pretty face…


We have a lot more in common than you think...

I know what it's like to be a slave to the 9 to 5 grind (although more often than not, it's really more like 6 to 9).

I know the unpredictability of business meetings, delayed flights, redundant emails, and fearing that by the end of the day…

….if you hear one more ding from your phone, you might lose it once and for all and finally throw it out the nearest window.

I know the frustration of feeling like you're living the same boring day over and over like Bill Murray on "Groundhog Day".

I left that life behind and now i want to give you a little taste of how good that feels.

you Deserve that and more!


What a day with Ellie feels like...

Because I love what I do, I meet every date with the utmost excitement, enthusiasm, and respect. 

I'm flexible: We can have a brief encounter or we can slow it down get to know one another over drinks.

I love learning about new things and new people, so you can expect me to be an active participant and deeply engrossed in our conversations as long as you’re willing to share your knowledge with me.


Low volume and extremely selective

My biggest priority is to make every session feel like the first one. The thrill, excitement, and delightful anticipation are the things I want you and I to feel EVERY TIME WE MEET.

Because of this, it is imperative for me to get enough rest and therefore, I do not overbook myself. I will always greet you with a fresh face and a playful demeanor.

So, the moment you decide we will be a good fit, send me an email to arrange an engagement , or better yet, schedule a date right now.


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